Monday, July 19, 2010

Utada Hikaru Distance

Distance is Utada Hikaru's second album. It debuted on #1 in the oricon charts even when it was released in the same week as Ayumi Hamsaki's A Best. It has sold close to 4 million copies and is the fourth best-selling album in Japanese History.

1.Wait & See ~Risk~- It is a single track and as expected of Utada's single tracks, delivers high quality. A r&b track with intricate songwriting and reasonably-good arrangement, it is a quality track.

2. CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET- This is Utada's highest selling single to date. It sounds like a mix of club jazz and soft beats in the beginning but changes to Utada's signature r&b style as it progresses. It was used in the drama Hero in which Takuya Kimura acted. I didn't like the drama much even if it is the drama with the highest viewership rating in Japanese TV history. Had Takuya Kimura not been there, the drama would have been a sure-shot flop.

3.DISTANCE- This song has a happy atmosphere and good arrangement. Even thought it was released before Final Distance, I like final Distance better.

4.Sunglasses- A very mysterious and nostalgic sounding album track. My favorite album track on this album (There are not many, though).

5.Dorama- I HATE this song. It is pure noise and the melody whatever it is, does nothing to save the terrible arrangement. Skip this.

6.Eternally- Finally, a ballad, and like all other Utada ballads, a masterpiece in its own right. It combines the soft sounds of piano and orchestra with Utada's emotional voice.

7.Addicted to You (Up in Heaven Miz)- This is a quite catchy R&B track. And hearing it, it does make me feel like I am in heaven (what a coincidence!)

8.For You- My favorite single track from this album. It is supposed to be a R&B ballad. It does sound like one with added elements which make it sound like the sky is dark when she is singing this.

9.Kettobase- The last track on this album which is any good. After the all the tracks (except the bonus track) are complete disasters.

10. Parody- I can't listen to this! Please skip it. Utada! What are you doing?

11.Time Limit- Not a good track. Sounds like filler.

12.Kotoba ni Naranai Kimochi- This song's tempo is pretty awkward. It should have been slower and the arrangement and the music do not match at all. A below-average track.

13. Hayatochiri REMIX- Finally, after that string of terrible tracks, one track that is beareable. Good she ended the ablbum with this.

DISTANCE was a huge step down from her almost-perfect First Love. At least Deep River is better.....

First few tarcks are strong
Good single tracks
Nice cover (compared to First Love)

Later tracks are rubbish
Some tracks have arrangements that do not suit the music.
Utada sounds airier and more tired in this album than in First Love

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