Monday, July 19, 2010

jpop Review- Yuna Ito- Heart

Heart is Yuna Ito's debut album that sold over 500,000 copies. It charted #1 on Oricon as well as United world charts. It contains her hit debut single 'Endless Story'

Workaholic- It starts with the chorus and is uptempo. A good way to start the album.

Endless Story- It hit #2 and sold more than 400,000 copies in Japan. It was sung for the movie 'NANA' based on a superhit manga of the same name by Ai Yazawa. Yuna Ito starred as REIRA in the movie. It is a ballad with lots of strings and is a peaceful song. The chorus stands out well.

losin'- starts with solo guitar strings/leads. It is more or less and average or below average song.

know-how- The 'aahhh' at the beginning is very pleasant. The song is also better than most songs on this album.

Precious- This was sung for Umizaru ~limit of love~ movie. It was also a hit single. It is very peaceful again. It is a ballad.

Tender is the night- The instrumental support is strong and chorus mangaes to stand out.

Fragile- Okay.

Nobody knows- bad.

Faith- It starts high pitched and therefore manages to capture the listener. Yuna's vocals are very pleasant. One of the better songs on this album.

Stay for love-

Truth- This was also sung for NANA. It aired in movie 2. It is a good track.

Perfume- There are some butterfly and insect sounds. It has a depressing atmosphere. Good way to end the album.

Bonus track
Precious~wedding extended version~
It has less instruments and more choir/backing vocals. It is ookay but not as good as the original.

It is very obvious from this album that Yuna Ito has not put in her best or rather, her composers and producer have not given her their everything. Considering Yuna Ito's talent and the strong single tracks, this album could have been better. All album tracks sound similar and fail to stand out. Yuna's career is rapidly declining because of lack of good composers. She also needs to change her image and style. She needs to work harder on her artistry. Her vocals are good but that's about all that's good about her. Her style needs more definition.

Overall- 4.1/5

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