Monday, July 19, 2010

Matsu Takako Cherish You

Matsu Takako is a very famous actress in Japan. She is also a singer (like Kou Shibasaki). Her style of music usually is generic midtempo pop tracks or mellower pop tracks. As of 2010, Cherish You is her second-last album.

Her voice sounds sweet and childish and is a bit high pitched. It is crystal clear and that is the most unique thing about her voice.

1.Ashita Haru ga Kitara- It is her highest-selling single with over 4,00,000 copies sold. It is a generic pop song with some strings.

2.MINNA HITORI- It starts with a beautiful instrumental intro. The song is very down-tempo. There are soft beats which sometimes become prominent, but is sounds like a ballad more or less.

3.Wakusei- A very average pop song.

4.Harukaze Scramble- A downtempo pop song with guitars.

5.Intertia- This song is very boring and very long!

6.Cherish You- Lovely strings give this song an ethreal feeling. Excellent track but, alas! too short. Only 2:00.

7.Kimi no egao, Kimi no Namida- Why is this album so full of average, generic pop tracks?

8.Reunion- Not another boring folk-pop track.

9.Yume no mama de- Better than it's predecessors but still not good enough.
Rating-2.3 and then- It is a bit more upbeat and interesting than most tracks on this album.

10. Oyasumi- This is the best track on this album! Like the name suggests, it is a hardcore lullaby. It is very soothing and has great melody, though.

Overall, this album was a sheer waste of money. Only four tracks are worth listening to. The others are so similar to each other that they might pass off as the continuation of the same track. Don't buy this album unless you want to buy Minna Hitori single. That's the reason I bought this. The single cost me $13 and the album $15 on There are still four good tracks, though.

Four good tracks

Rest of the tracks are garbage

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