Sunday, July 18, 2010

Music review- Pink Lady Colezo best

Pink Lady is one of the legendary acts in Japan. Their fame spread in the disco era which declined with their decline. They were popular during the 1970s and 80s. Pink Lady is a duo consisting of Mei and Kei. They experimented english songs and also hosted 'Pink Lady and Jeff Show' in the USA.

I recently purchased Pink Lady's best from the internet. It constains twenty one tracks all of which are singles in the order of release.

It starts with Peppa Keibu and ends with Oh!.I am not rating all the tracks as I lack the patience.

Peppa Keibu- Their memorable debut that sold over a million. It is catchy and Pink Lady's booming vocals give it a unique sound.

SOS- A summer themed single that has a very catchy chorus. Akina Nakamori and Kyoko Koizumi's version of this song is good too.

Carmen'77- The word 'carmen' is used extensively in this song. It maintains the same disco sound as the previous songs.

Nagisa no Sindbad- Another summer themed single, I guess. Some of their songs sound like summer songs.

Wanted- I don't like this song as much as the previous ones. It is just average disco.

UFO- This is their highest selling single. It has a nice and spooky instrumental. The first 'ufo' that Pink Lady says in a low voice is also catchy.

Southpaw- It was sung for some baseball tournament. It starts off like an average song but the chorus is pleasant except for the grating siren.

Monster- Another track that failed to stand out. The ha ha ha is quite spooky. But nothing special. Sounds much like the other songs.

Toumei Ningen- At this point, the album starts to get repetitive. All songs in this album have similar instrumentals and catchy choruses, They follow the same composition pattern that tends to get repetitive.

Chameleon Army- The low 'kamereon' sung by a male singer sounds catchy. Overall, the song is better than the previous ones.

Zipangu- This was the first single released by Pink Lady that didn't hit #1. It is pleasant sounding in my opinion. But most of Pink Lady's songs sound like a remix of the others. TThe catchiness starts to become repetitive after a while.

Pink Typhoon (in the navy)- The chorus sings 'Pink Lady'. It is basically like a Pink Lady anthem. Nothing special.

Nami Nori Pirates- Just skip this one

Kiss in the dark- I was surprised to know that Pink Lady sings english so well. The song is mediocre though. Their characteristic booming vocals do not surface because maybe they're concentrating on accent.

Monday Mona Lisa Club- Doesn't shine very much.

At this point, the album becomes supersaturated. It is hard to hear beyond this because all the songs sound similar and rather repetitive. I guess that's the reason their singles sold more than their albums. And that's the reason they started to sell less and eventually quit the jpop scene.
Pink lady has a really unique voice, some great dance moves and some catchy songs. However, they failed to go beyond their current level of fame because they did not change their style. Some ballads or blues songs would not have hurt.

Pink Lady is a legend and will always be remembered for revolutionary disco songs and dancing.

If you're trying out Pink Lady, I would recommend their singles over their albums. However, if you do not have enough funds to buy their singles, then, I would suggest this best. Don't try to listen to all of the songs at one time.
This best is worth the money if you stop at track 10 or 14. If you try to push yourself hard and listen to the whole album, you will be disappointed.
Fourteen songs alone are worth the cost of this album. The songs have great replay value and good songs never sound repetitive.

I am giving this album an overall rating upto the fourteenth track.

4.7/5 (recommended)

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