Monday, February 13, 2012

Anime review- Lovely Complex

It's been some time since I have watched anime. But here is one that was really enjoyable.

 Love★Com is a love story between a boy and a girl in Sakai, Osaka. The girl, Risa Koizumi, is 172 centimetres (5 ft 8 in) tall—much taller than the average Japanese girl. The boy, Atsushi Ōtani, is 156 cm (5 ft 1 in)—way below the height of the average Japanese boy. Because of this, the pair are called the "All Hanshin Kyojin" after a popular comedy duo that has a similar height difference.

During summer school, a very tall student named Ryouji Suzuki (from another class) shows up and Risa immediately falls for him because he is tall. There is a girl that Atsushi likes as well, so Risa and Atsushi decide to put aside their differences and help each other get their love interests. But as they get to know each other better, Risa's feelings for Atsushi begin to blossom, and her love life gets complicated from there on. (from wikipedia)

This anime falls in the romantic comedy category. The sentimental moments are interspersed with laughs. Otani is not a typical shojo hero- tall, perfect and good at everything. In fact, he's just the opposite. He is short, ill-tempered (at least with Risa) and not good at academics. Risa herself is not soft spoken and meek but strong and assertive. She is the first one to reveal her feelings.

There are standard shojo plots here, like ex-girlfriend, class trip, summer festival with fireworks, school festival etc. But what makes it stand out is the obscenely long time it takes for Otani to realize Risa's feelings. It drags the story a little, but never seems unbelievable (at least until the end). She makes up her mind in the fifth episode and it almost the fifteenth episode when he comes to realise it. Her attemps at telling him her feelings (and how they backfire) and hilarious. This is an original and unique romantic comedy that I would recommend.



Unique character personalities
Lots of laughs
Good appearence

Music is not really good. They should have used some insert song that can captur the characters' feelings.

NOTE- images taken from various sites on google image search.