Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meg Cabot Being Nikki

I usually review trilogies together, but since all the books in this series came out after a long gap (I still don't have the last one)I am making an exception.

Airhead left off with Em being caught up in the body of supermodel Nikki Howard. I felt that some parts of the first book really dragged.

In being Nikki, we see Em getting along with her friends Lulu and trying to win back Christopher's heart while managing the busy schedule of a supermodel. When, things with Christopher finally start to look up, Nikki's long lost brother turns up saying that their mother is sick or has died or something (I read it long ago, I don't really remember.

Then Brandon, the son of Stark enterprises chairman, starts liking Nikki. Amidst all this, Christopher finally descovers that Nikki is Em. But she suddenly discovers a secret- that Nikki is alive, or rather, her brain is alive in the body of another person.

Being Nikki was a great thriller. I never expected teh story to take such a suspenseful turn. I really am waiting to get my hands on Runaway now.



Unexpected twists and turns
The fast pace of the story
Writing style

The first few pages are a bit boring and the story really gets into gear a bit later.
The cliffhanger ending (she didn't have to make me so desperate to read Runaway)

Great book, though!And coming from me, that's a lot.

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