Monday, July 19, 2010

J-pop single review- Aiuchi Rina Navy Blue

Aiuchi Rina is a relatively popular singer and one of Giza Studio's most popular acts. Her voice is high pitched and powerful, much like Keiko from Globe. Her style is usually pop-rock but she has been known to perform occassional ballads.

Navy Blue reached #7 on the oricon charts. It is a pop ballad.

1.NAVY BLUE- It starts with a guitar intro which is somehow nostalgic. Rina starts singing and the songs sounds even more nostalgic. Though it is a generic pop ballad, there was something in this song which set it apart. After the first listen, I rewinded this song again and again. Something about it makes you listen to it again and again. Good replay value. Rina sounds shrill in the chorus though.

2.Broken Heart- It is an average pop song. I guess not much is to be expected from a b-side.

3.NAVY BLUE ~MAX MAZIK MIX~- This remix is terrible and too long. The original was much better and I don't see any point of doing a remix unless it is much better than the original.

4.NAVY BLUE ~d'une mix~ Better than the previous remix but still bad.

Overall single rating-3

Even thought all the other tracks except Navy Blue were bad, Navy Blue is a lovely song. Maybe you should buy her album and skip this single.

Strong A--side
Cover art was okay

Terrible remixes
Generic b-side
Too many remixes

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