Friday, July 23, 2010

Ai Otsuka- DaiSuki Da yo.

DaiSuki Da yo. is Ai Otsuka's 6th single which reached #3 on oricon and sold 1,56,000 copies.

1. Daisuki Da yo.- A totally awesome ballad with a very good melody. The arrrangement could have been better, but it isn't bad. The best thing about this track is Ai's vocals which are filled with so much feeling that I could feel her pain and longing. A masterpiece.

2.Friends ~Sakaban version~- When I hadn't even recovered from the beauty of her previous ballad Ai Otsuka produces another outstanding midtempo song. The song has electric guitars and all, but it is still midtempo and a bit laid-back. This was used for a drama in which Ai starred. It is a song about friendship (which you might have guessed). It was very intelligent of Ai to write about something like friendship right after a love song.
Rating- 4.6

A quality single for lovers of slower songs. The songs have beautiful melodies and Ai's voice delivers them with their full impact.

Excellent melodies
Ai's voice is very emotional and she can make the listener feel what she is singing

The arrangement of Daisuki Da yo. could have been better.

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