Monday, July 19, 2010

Namie Amuro- Violet Sauce/White Light

Namie Amuro is one of Japan's most popular singers and has been dubbed as 'The Queen of j-pop' due to her popularity.

Personally, I think Namie has a great voice. I have a few of her albums which I will review later. Namie's dance is not bad either. And in the present, when many top singers are producing sub-standard songs, Namie is still producing quality stuff. Maybe that's the reason her recent Best Fiction and Past
1.WHITE LIGHT- Is a pop ballad with a christmassy feel. I have always thought that Namie has a special flair for ballads. Her ballads are usually outstanding and White Light is no exception. But it is a little too soft.

2.Violet Sauce- This is one track that is totally addictive from start to finish. The mysterious and dark feel is new for Namie and she does it very well. A quality song.

3.Violet Sauce (anotha recipe)- Is a REMIX as you might have guessed. It's not bad but there are no significant changes from the original.

A single worth buying, especially since White Light is not included in her PLAY album and you don't want to miss this track.

Catchy songs

White Light could have been stronger

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