Monday, July 19, 2010

Angela Aki- Today

Angela Aki is a new face is the j-pop scene and has gained fame by singing the theme for Final Fantasy. Her style is mainly piano ballads but sometimes, she does upbeat songs too.

Today is her second album. It debuted at #1 on the oricon and has so far sold close to 2.00.000 copies. This is my first Angela Aki album and so far-my only.

1. SAKURAIRO- The reason I bought this album was this track. It grew on me when I heard it for the first time. It starts with a calming piano intro like all other Aki's songs. The whole song gives a soft and 'pink' atmosphere as if one is sitting under a cherry blossom tree and its petals are blowing in the wind. Aki's vocals are strong throughout the song and reach a crescendo in the chorus.

2.Again- It is an upbeat pop song with a carefree atmosphere. It sounds pretty generic, though.

3.TODAY- Another generic pop song. Not good enough to be the title song.

4.Ai no Uta- A long and classic piano ballad with an overused name. Sounds very calming. I could go to sleep listening to this.

5.Tashika Ni- Sounds like a breezy summer pop tune. A new type of song for Aki and she handles it very well.

6.Silent Girl-- Starts well but becomes boring and repetitive. Classic Aki ballad.

7.Moral no Soushiki- I have read rave reviews of this song on other blogs. It starts out sounding like one of those songs which play behind Dracula movies. From there, it progresses to lighter and more carefree sound and then sounds completely like a normal pop song. I felt that its spooky and mysterious atmosphere was a perfect start but it gradually grew to sound too generic.

8. otomogokoro- This is the most boring song on this album. The arrangement is standard, the melody is average and Angela's vocals are not as powerful as they are in the other tracks.

9.One Melody- One of the best album tracks apart from Tomo no Shirushi. It is a powerful and moving piano ballad.

10.Tomo no shirushi- A guitar driven down-tempo song which sounds happy and cheerful (it is about friendship, after all!).

11.Kodoku no Kakera- is the most moving and powerful ballad Aki has produced in her whole career. It has a dark atmosphere but everything goes together very well. However, my favorite ballads by her are still Tegami and This Love.

12.On & on- This songs sounds like an anime song. That's not a bad thing. It is a pop song with a slight rock mixed into it.

13.Surrender- When you start listening to this song, you'll feel like you are not in this world anymore. Close your eyes and you will know what I mean. Angela's English is perfect unlike most Japanese singers. This is the best song on this album and the best way to end it too. I guess Angie saved the best for last!

I truly enjoyed this album. If you skip the right tracks, you will have an unforgettable album. I have not heard any other album by Angie yet, but I have listened to her singles. I might decide to try HOME. ANSWER sounds too boring. As for TODAY, I am sure it will still be her best.

Wonderful ballads
Powerful voice
Good arrangements

Generic pop tracks
Some filler tracks
Cover art was not good

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