Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review- Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Some of you might be skeptical to try this one out when you read the title. Others may think astrology is mumbo jumbo and not worth a try while the rest may think astrology is false just like the newspaper predictions. People also think that astrology has no influence on our life whatsoever. For all of you who fall in the above categories, I greatly recommend this book. When my grandfather first gave me this book, I was skeptical about it and didn't read it.
However, one day, I was getting bored so I decided to give this one a try. I was completely converted. I saw most of the personality traits that I read in the book in my personality. I was amazed at the book's accuracy. It has been three-two years since I read that book and I am still completely crazy about it. I read it everyday.

This book is the answer to your innermost questions. It talks about faults and strong points of every sun sign and always ends optimistically. Every sign is neatly divided into five categories- (sun sign) man, (sun sign) woman, (sun sign) child, (sun sign) employee, (sun sign) boss.

Whether you want to praise your boss or extract work out your employee, know about your children's feelings and help them or learn about your beloved, this book is the perfect guide to the human heart and mind.

This is the book for those looking for real answers and truth. 'Seek the truth and it shall set you free' as Linda Goodman aptly describes in the end. This book is also great for writers and mangaka who want to learn astrology to help create characters.

Rating- 5/5 (That's right. I give this book full marks.)

However, I must not forget to warn you that this book obviously has some big faults.

First of all, it might not give a very accurate description of people born on cusp dates i.e. the first and last date of every sun sign.
Second, people only take 70-80% of their sun sign qualities so everything may not be correct. Some may take the little personality tid bits and leave out the major ones.

Another problem is faced with sun signs like Sagittarius, Aries and some Capricorn and Taureans that have two kinds of people. The book only describes archer type Saggitarians who are very bold and fight openly for justice and Ram type Aries who are again very just. However many people I know are born as Sheeps (milder aries) and centaurs (milder Sagittarians) who might appear somewhat meek or introverted. Still, when the oppurtunity arises to fight, they will never hold back. These kinds might not find this book especially appealing.

Another falut is the ultra tiny print and the very poor quality of pages. It looks like a chapbook. The book is 500+ pages so, she really has crammed a lot. Her next book is 1200+ pages and even more crammed.

The language used in this book is very interactive and Linda Goodman uses apt words for every sign. It is imaginative and easy. Anyone can read or understand the book and there are no complex natal charts and graphs. Linda Goodman ends every chapter on a positive note.

Overall, I recommend this book very strongly. I have tried recommending this book to all my friends but they are skeptical or disinterested. Even if you do not get an accurate description of your own sun sign, you'll get an accurate description of the sun signs surrounding you.

'Seek the truth and it shall set you free'


Very fluid and easy language
Organised well
Easy to understand for any person with no knowledge of astrology
No complex natal charts or graphs and diagrams


Poor quality printing
Inaccuracy (as warned)

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