Friday, July 16, 2010

First game review- Pokemon Soulsilver for Ds

Yeah! Finally, I am reviewing Pokemon Soulsilver! Pokemon games are my absolute favorites. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! (Excuse me for getting over excited)

Well, so who doesn't know Pokemon? It's a world phenomenon. And every pokemon game a sureshot bestseller. I got into the games with Emerald. Then I played Firered and was addicted. Diamond and crystal followed.

Johto is the region with the most unique pokemon type-wise (like the dark/flying Murkrow, Dark/ice Sneasel). The story is one of the longest and one of the best. I really liked the original Gold and Silver with regards to everything except those TERRIBLE graphics. They were TOO bright. And that white background during battles was really annoying. More than anyone else, I have been praying for a remake of Gold/Silver. Looks like GameFreak heard my prayer.

Ever since the news about the remakes spread, I was prettty excited. The Japanese version came out before the American one and I had to wait because I can't understand Japanese (I love the language though).

Finally when I got my hands on Soulsilver, I didn't let it go until I had finished it. When I finished it, I thought.........The original Gold was better......WHAT!

Well.......that's right. When Gold was released, it had the longest and most challenging storyline. The gym leaders were low-levelled too. In Soulsilver, I did like teh first part till the league encounter, but the second part was BORING. My pokemon were so high-levelled by then, that I finished the Kanto gym leaders in a single day. The battle Frontier after that was pretty standard. So, now I give it my scores.

Graphics- 4.7
Challenge- Sadly, 3.6

Overall- 4

I hope the upcoming Black and White is much better.

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