Friday, July 16, 2010

Nora Roberts Vision in White

Nora Roberts is a very famous romance writer who has had many New York Times #1 bestsellers. She writes futuristic suspense under the pen name J.D. Robb.

I have read many books by Nora Roberts before. Her Three sisters triolgy was pretty good which encouraged me too try her books further. However, her other books have disappointed me very much. They are so much like each other that at one point, it seems as if she's just changed the name of the main characters and produced a new book. Many of her plots lack originality and are generic romantic plots written in her style. Thankfully, her writing style is good, which, I expect is the reason behind her success.

Vision in White is the first book of her Bride Quartet. It is about a group of friends who run a Wedding Planning agency and their love lives.

The protagonist of Vision in White is a wedding photographer who is part of the wedding agency I talked about in the previous paragraph. One day, in her apartment, she comes across an English teacher who just walked in there by mistake. This sparks off a romance between the two (as I had predicted. Nora Roberts should make her stories less predictable)

The rest, I think, any Roberts fan will be able to guess. It follows Nora Roberts' generic romance novel patttern.The end, as expected, is a happy ending. It also includes Nora Roberts's much used blackmailing mother cliche. God, I am tired of this one.

Vision in White is an average romance novel and exactly what Nora Roberts is expected to write. I really wish that she would give up on these cliches and become more original. She writes so well.....why should her stories be mediocre and unoriginal?


Characters- 3 (The heroine was too cliched, but the hero was acceptable)
Style- 4.5
Cover- 5 (It was totally gorgeous)

Overall rating- 3 Average

Her writing style
Idea of wedding photographer

Weak protagonist
Too generic and uninventive
Some unnecessary events which made the story boring

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