Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drama review- Nodame Cantabille

Nodame Cantabille is a famous manga by Tomoko Ninomiya about a girl called Nodame who is a student at the prestigious Momogaoka academy of music. She is a clutz and not serious about her piano playing.
Chiaki is a complete opposite. He is smart, very serious about playing the piano and all the girls at Momogaoka are crazy over him. He comes from a family with a musical history and his father is a world-famous pianist.

Nodame, like all the other girls at Momogaoka, has a crush on Chiaki.

In the drama, Juri Ueno plays Nodame. I think that she was a perfect fit for this role because she looks a lot like how Nodame is supposed to look. Tamaki Hiroshi who plays Chiaki, is also a perfect fit for the both physically and in terms of his character.

The story starts with potraying a normal day in Momogaoka Academy. Chiaki talks to his piano teacher about his wish to quit piano. This is because he wants to become a conductor. His teacher harrasses him. He finally escapes and comes across Nodame who is playing her piano beautifully. He notices that there are many minor flaws in her technique. Here, their funny and awkward realtionship begins.

The drama was wonderful and totally funny. I laughed a lot in every episode. The fun is enhanced even more when a world-famous conductor arrives at Momogaoka.

In the course of the drama, Nodame improves her piano playing and enters competitions, Chiaki takes up conducting seriously and meets other people and forms an amateur orchestra. Their love relationship develops along the way.

The drama really touched my heart and made me want to play the piano too. It is especially great for those who enjoy comedy.



Great comedy
Interesting characters
Good development of story

Mismatched protagonists
Some scenes are fillers

Overall, a good comedy drama worth watching at least once.

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