Sunday, July 18, 2010

Game review- Plantasia for PC

From the creators of Diner Dash comes Plantasia, a game of gardening delight. Enter your luscious gardens, where magical flowers and a fairy-in-training are waiting to show you the way. Plant seeds, harvest flowers, restore fountains, and watch as your gardens bloom. But beware! Weeds, rocks, insects and the clock are all waiting to make your game a fun-filled challenge.

Plantasia dreams up plants and flowers not seen since Alice fell down the rabbit hole. Restore one fantastical garden after the next, choose your flowers and gardening spells wisely, and discover how a fairy wish unfolds. (source: bigfishgames)

I was addicted to Plantasia since the minute I started playing it. I have always liked gardening virtually where the plants seem to grow quickly. In Plantasia, there are 50 fun filled levels of gardening goodness. The objective is to plant different kinds of flowers in different kinds of gardens to restore them. The flowers have eyes and all and look really cute. In each level, a certain number of points are requires to proceed

This game is not very challenging. I got stuck at one level (I think it is level 9) for a long time but after that, the game was a cakewalk.

But play it through to the end because the end is really surprising (and romantic!). The storyline was amazing and I never got bored despite the lack of challenge duue to new upgrades, plants and growing methods.


Good graphics
It has a storyline
Quick upgrades and new stuff

Might lack challenge for some
The ninth (or whichever level that was) was pretty hard and requires a lot of patience
A bir repetitive (but I didn't get bored)

If you like time-management games, Plantasia is worth a try.

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