Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drama Review- Hana Kimi

Hana Kimi is a popular shoujo manga by Hisaya Nakajo. It sold more than eleven million copies. It was adapted into a popular j dorama starring Maki Horikita and Oghuri Shun.

The drama lacked the romance element that the manga had. The romance scenes were there just for namesake. There was no focus on romance. Maki Horikita and Oghuri Shun also, don't make a very good couple. Oghuri Shun looks blank all the time.

The cast overall was very good. Maki Horikita looks very cute and acts well. Nakatsu fits the role well. His psychic friend, Masaharu also does hit part well. Hiro Mizushima acts well too. Seiko Matsuda's appearance surprised me.

The backdrops were very beautiful. The school bulding and all the other sceneries were very well planned and looked gorgeous. The overall atmosphere of the drama was very cheerful. All days were sunny.

While the manga emphasized on the romance element, the drama emphasizes completely on school life. While these school scenes are very peppy and exciting, the drama seems incomplete because of the half hearted romance. It shouldn't have been categorized as romance in the first place. The viewers will be expecting romance from a romance drama (obviously).

The high school life was depicted very well. While it lacks some rationality, the school scenes are fun and comical.
Comedy is the best part of this drama. It is fun and funny.

Cast- 4.6/5
story- 4.5/5
overall- 4.5/5

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