Sunday, July 18, 2010

Game review- Tradewinds 2

Tradewinds 2 is a game for PC, where you start out as a sea faring merchant who buys and sells goods from one place to another. The goods include standard stuff that was traded in the ninteenth century including coffee, tea and othings like that. The objective is to make profits. But that's not all of it. You are given missions by the governors of the places where you trade. These missions also earn money.

Everything is not simple, though. You have to face pirates who want to ruin your ships and most missions involve bringing down very famous and notorious pirates. You can purchase bombs, canons and various other ammunition at all the places. The game is over if the pirates defeat you but even then, you can start again from that point.

The best thing about Tradewinds 2 is that it combines my favorite elements of time management and fighting. Here, it is important both to be a great businessman as well as a great pirate. The setting and graphics are also very exotic.

A wonderful and truly one-of-a-kind game.


Very unique kind of a game
Exotic settings
Good graphics

In the beginning, you might lose many times because of the difficulty level
Can be a bit confusing to grasp

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