Monday, August 23, 2010

Privacy Policy


Any information given on the site will not be sold to third party and will be confidential. We respect your privacy. Also, we do not request any information as such.


The blog used analytics software web-stat. It collects the number of users who visit the blog daily. As such, it does not collect any personal information like name, number etc. so your privacy is safe. Also, I am using it on a temporary 30 days trial so after thirty days, you won't have any problems.


Please do not post comments which include adult content or content unsuitable for teenagers as viewers of all age groups might view the blog. Also, approval of comments is at the sole dicretion of owners.


The blog does not sell anything and does not endorse anything either. Links have been provided in post and sidebar for convenience of users. We are not responsible for third party content and credit card information/security of these sites. Also, we DO NOT endorse these sites or products from the sites. You are free to purchase from anywhere. The sites are just there for convenience.

If anything has been left out or you would like to ask something, you can contact us at

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