Friday, July 23, 2010

Ayaka- Mikazuki

"Mikazuki" (Crescent Moon) is the fourth single from Ayaka, released on September 27,2006. Prior to Mikazuki, Ayaka has become famous with the release of her single I believe. The single reached #1 on oricon (Ayaka's first single to do so) and sold 240,453 copies

1. Mikazuki- The first thing that drew me to Ayaka was her powerful voice. She belts out every note in a song. Her sons are either pop with a jazzy feel or mainstream ballads. As for Mikazuki, it was an average piano ballad with an occassional hint of strings. Had anyone else sung it, it would not have become so famous. Ayaka's voice carried out the song to its utmost potential. Ayaka is gentle in the beginning but her voice grows powerful as the song progresses.

2.Kimi is Kiss de...- A blusey pop track. It sounds exactly like the kind of track to be played in a pub. Her vocals are powerful throughout unlike Mikazuki.

3.Yume no Kakera- It is like Kimi ni kiss de... but has a much darker atmosphere.

Overall, a decent single.

Ayaka's voice

The b-sides sound like typical Ayaka songs
Mikazuki could have been more powerful

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