Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meg Cabot- JINX

JINX is a novel by Meg Cabot about a teenage girl Jinx (what a name! Her real name is Jean) who is very unlucky. Here is the synopsis:

Jean Honeychurch is so unlucky that even her family calls her Jinx. To escape an unpleasant situation with a boy who refuses to let her end their relationship, Jinx moves from Iowa to Manhattan to live with her aunt and her family in their swanky Upper East Side townhouse. It's no surprise that the klutzy, small-town 16-year-old doesn't fit in with ├╝ber-chic cousin Tory and her friends, and she definitely doesn't share their fondness for drugs and alcohol.

Tory, who has been practicing witchcraft for some time, soon realizes that Jinx also has the gift and invites her cousin to join her coven. But Jinx knows the dangers of playing with magic and refuses. Tory sees Jinx's snub as a threat and plots against her. Though she wants to leave magic behind, Jinx must learn to harness the mysterious powers that are her birthright before Tory does too much damage.

Cabot creates believable conflict and avoids being too fantastical, as Tory's mental instability is more dangerous than her Wiccan powers. In the vein of Avalon High (2006) and "The Mediator" series (both HarperCollins), the author delivers her signature blend of romance and wit, successfully combining upper-crust chick-lit and a tad of the supernatural into an entertaining potion that is sure to please her fans and draw in new readers.—Emily Anne Valente, New York Public Library

The book was pretty good. It had romance, high school life and this time, also magic (there is real magic!). It is a pretty good read for casual lovers of books as well as Meg cabot fans.

The story unfolds slowly as Jean's past is relealed. Her cousin tries to take revenge on her by doing various things throughout the course of the book.

Suspense and supernatural give the novel a uniqueness
Interesting characterization of Jean
Good unfolding of story

Guys might not like the pink cover (The version I read had a pink cover)
The cover gives an impression that it is very girly so girls who don't like girly stuff might not even give it a try

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