Friday, July 16, 2010

Meg Cabot Airhead

Meg Cabot is a writer of fiction aimed mainly at girls of all ages. Her style is realistic and funny at the same time. She is critically accclaimed for her Princess Diaries series and now is rising in fame.

Airhead is the first book of the Airhead trilogy. It is about an average teenage girl, Emmerson Watts, who has no interest in fashion whatsoever. She likes to hang out with her computer game crazy friend Christopher. Her sister, unlike her, is crazy about fashion and celebrities.

One day, when Em accompanies her sister for a CD signing by Gabriel Luna- a new heartthrob singer in Stark Mall owned by Stark enterprises, her fate changes. World famous model Nikki Howard also happpens to be there. During the signing, a huge television is about to fall on Nikki but Em saves her. Instead, Em's bodyy is completely crushed and she is admitted into hospiital.

When she opens her eyes, she is.....Nikki Howard!! Her parents inform her that Nikki Howard suffered from some brain disease which made her brain give out (I am not sure I have all the facts right) and now Em's brain has been transplanted into Nikki's body. And not only that, now Em has to become a model and model for Mr. Stark- the owner of Stark enterprises who paid millions of dollars for her brain transplant.

The book is well written and gives a first hand account of a girl transitioning from normal high school life to celebrity life in one day.



Strong protagonist
Original plot
Hidden plot

The idea of a brain transplnat is pretty unbelievable
Other characters are not as interesting

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