Friday, July 16, 2010

L'arc~en~ciel- Ray

This is the first L'arc~en~ciel album I have ever purchased in my life and I must admit it was MIND BLOWING!
I completely loved it. I bought it at a sale in Akihabara for ten yen. Can you believe it? Akihabara is really cheap.
Anyway, I could have paid a higher price for this one because it is wonderful. I'll make this one short.

Shi no hai (ashes of death) This was wonderful and the best way to start this album. It is a rock track and Hyde sings quite well.
Rating- 4.6

It's the end- This one was mediocre
Rating- 3.9

HONEY- When I first heard it, I couldn't believe that it was their highest selling single. It is nothing spectacular. It grew on me after a few listens.
Rating- 4.2

Sell my soul- Another so-so track
Rating- 4

Snow Drop (ray mix)- I love this one. Their best christmas song ever!The instrumental sounds somewhat like a spring song. The chorus is nice and Hyde's vocals merge well with the instruments.
Rating- 4.8

L'heure- It is basically a very bad interlude.

Kasou (cremation)- It is one of the very good tracks on this album. Nice atmosphere. It sounds like Forbidden Lover.
Rating- 4.5

Shinshoku ~lose control~ (erosion ~lose control~)- It starts slow then speeds up and then goes back to slow and speeds up. Still, I like it.
Rating- 4.4

trick- a filler track
Rating- 2

Ibara no namida (thorn tears)- I haven't listened to this carefully even though I've heard the album 20+ times. It is good but nothing great.
Rating- 4

the silver shining- a strong ending track. It creates a surreal atmosphere. There are a lot of faletto parts here. The whole chorus is sung in flasetto
Rating- 4.6

L'arc~en~ciel delivers quality. This album truly deserves it 2 million+ sales. Hyde's vocals are unique and absolutely fabulous. He has emotion, power and very good artistic direction. Ken and Tetsu are very good composers and most of L'arc~en~ciel's songs are arranged well. Their songs have an ethreal feel. Overall, I fell in love with the band after listening to this album. If you're trying them for the first time, I recommend this. It is a must buy for fans fo course. J-rock fans might like it . J-pop and urban fans will like to too.

Overall rating- 4.7 (recommended)

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