Friday, July 16, 2010

Koda Kumi Best Third Universe


Best ~Third~ is Koda Kumi's third best album. Her previous best albums have been both commercial and artistic successes. Her third best, which was in two versions, bundled along with her eighth Studio album universe reached #1 on the oricon and has sold 3,66,980 copies to date.

Koda Kumi's third best is an album I have been waiting long for along with Mai Kuraki and Arashi's best. Her singles of this era were the strongest and I wanted them in one package. Before reviewing, I would like to tell you all that II just bought teh best- not her eighth album.

1.Koi no Tsubomi- is the first track. No matter how much I try, I just can't like this song. It is just too generic.

2.I'll be there- It is another generic pop track like Koi no Tsubomi but slightly better. It was not the best idea to put two such similar sounding tracks one after the other.

3. Ningyo Hime- The real fun starts here. Ningyo Hime is a song that will blow you away. Comeplete with edgy guitars, aggressive beats and Koda Kumi's super-powerful vocals, this song is a rock track that cannot be missed. I love when she says Ningyo Hime and sings the chorus.

4.With your smile- Another mediocre pop track. I really don't like the idea of Koda Kumi doing pop. It's like Angela Aki doing rock.
Rating- 3

5.Yume no Uta- This is a song that completely soothes me and makes me feel warm no matter how many times I listen to it. It is a ballad with excellent songwriting and arrangement. I never get bored of it.

6.BUT- One great track after another. BUt is completely different from Yume no Uta. It is what Koda Kumi is known for- great dance tracks.I wasn't completely satisfied with the arrangement, though.

7.FREAKY- Freaky follows in the footsteps of BUT being a dance tune. But I like FREAKY better than BUT. The verses are as strong as the chorus which makes this a top-class track.

8.girls- Well, nothing much to say about this track. It is a happy pop tune with nothing special.

9.Ai no Uta- It is a truly beautiful love song. Koda Kumi sings it with much emotion and power and delivers a high quality, heartfelt ballad.
Rating- 4.8

10.Last Angel ft. DBSK- Nice track but DBSK can't really be heard so well. Catchy dance tune.

11. Anytime-This song is so simple, yet so beautiful. Only Koda Kumi can sing such a song. It sounds bittersweet in some way and it really makes this song shine in a mysterious way.

12.Moon Crying- A powerful and heartfelt ballad. It had power, but lacked gentleness and emotion in certain parts. Still great, though.

13.That ain't cool- This song really ain't cool at all. Compared to teh other tracks on the album, it sounds even worse than it did on TRICK. I don't even want to review it.

14.Lady Go!- An upbeat pop track with added synth and techno elements. Good for casual listening.

15.TABOO- Koda Kumi's greatest dance track EVER!

16.Stay with me- An average winter ballad.
Rating- 4

Overall rating-4

Well, it was a pretty solid album. But I still won't give it more than four overall because Koda Kumi didn't include the wonderful Cherry Girl/Unmei single. That ain't cool and girls should have been left out, in my opinion.

And I can never forgive her for not including my favorite single track- Aisho. That track was genius!

I don't have Universe so I can't review it. Best third is worth buying if you are looking for some high quality dance and balllad songs.

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