Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drama Review- Densha Otoko

This is another drama adapted from a manga. It is a true story about an otaku who falls in love with a perfect lady working for an MNC. Yamada Tsuyoshi is an otaku who spends his time in anime conventions and seiyuu interviews with his friends. One day, while coming back from an anime convention, he sees a beautiful lady reading a book on the metro. He is smitten by her but realizes that she is out of reach.
However, as luck has it, she is harassed by an old man. Tsuyoshi stands up to fight but by the time he finishes talking, the police arrives on scene and takes care of the case. Saori, who is inspired by his courage asks him for his address. She also thanks him for helping her.
The next day, Tuyoshi finds hermes cups in his room. They are sent by Saori. He decides to date her but has no experience. He turns to members of a social networking site for help.

Ito Atsushi acts extremely well. He looks like a nerd, fumbles like he should, looks clumsy and scared. He perfectly fits the role of Tsuyoshi. Misaki Ito too fits well into the character. She is graceful, good looking, well bred etc. but she leaves everything to her appearance. She doesn't seem to act too well. She is unusually quiet.
The members of the internet community are also very enthusiastic about acting. However, they only get minor roles.

The backdrops are good.
The story is an inverted shoujo manga. Shoujo mangas have perfect heros and clumsy/weak heroines. This josei manga has a clumsy hero and a perfect heroine.

Story- 4.2/5
Cast- 4.2/5
Script- 3.6/5
Overall- 4.1/5

As the story progresses, Tsuyoshi tries to get closer to Saori, look more like a normal person and frequently visits the internet coommunity. The members of the social netowrking community are thrilled to help him out and keep rooting for him throughout the drama. They keep thinking about him during work and he helps inspire a basketball player to play again.

However, he is caught red handed one day when he lies to Saori about and important meeting and goes to an anime convention instead. When he finds him out, she is very disappointed. She tells him that she can't stand lies and she would have not minded his personality if he had told her the truth. She breaks up with him.

Back home, her mother is plotting for her arranged marriage but she knows that no man can every be as good as Tsuyoshi.
He calls her up, apologises and gifts her one of his anime figurines for her birthday (22 August).

In the end, he proposes and they get married. All the members of the internet community are elated and congratulate him.


Ito Atsushi's acting


Might seem like any other love story
Misaki ito doesn't act well

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