Sunday, July 18, 2010

Game review- Tradewinds Legends

Tradewinds Legends is a sequel to Tradewinds 2. The story and objective is much the same, but Tradewinds Legends takes place somewhere in the Arabian side. There are many upgrades as regarding ammunition. The goods to be traded are different too. You can choose to be one of four characters. The ship flies in sky too (i don't know how).

That said, its gameplay is similar to that of Tradewinds 2. The missions and stuff are different and everything is more exotic. (The ammunition too- there is a bomb called Tiki Bomb)

If you enjoyed Tradewinds 2, you are likely to enjoy Tradewinds Legends too.


Unique setting
A strategy game with action
Good graphics

Difficult to understand at first
Might lose a lot at first

So is are ready for some swashbuckling adventure, go ahead and try Tradewinds Legends.

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