Friday, July 23, 2010

Ai Otsuka- Yumekui

Ai Otsuka is a popular singer in the japanese music scene. She has a cute, high-pitched voice which is suitable for singing optimistic upbeat songs as well as heartwarming ballads.

Yumekui (Dream Eater) is her 12th single. It reached #5 on the oricon and has sold 1,46,000 copies. It has been downloaded a million times.

1. Yumekui- It is an upbeat and slightly nostalgic sounding track like a song a person sings when he/she has has left home and is remembering home. However, the lyrics are very optimistic and about making your dreams come true.
Rating- 4.1

2. Tears- This is a very simple yet deep ballad. Her voice sounds very tender and gentle and the piano is also very soft. A great combination and the result is a unforgettable ballad.

Both the songs were very good in their own way. A single definitely worth buying.

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