Monday, July 19, 2010

jpop Review- Ayumi Hamasaki- Best2Black

Ayumi Hamasaki is immensely popular as the Empress of Jpop. She is the highest selling female artist in japanese history. She is a popular icon and trendsetter. Her trademark blonde hair and constantly chaging image set her apart from the others. Her prominent vibrato and heartfelt lyrics have contributed to her artistry.

I wanted to try out Ayumi Hamasaki because she is so popular so, I bought this album. I was not all that happy. Considering this album is by Ayumi Hamasaki- THE empress of jpop, it could've been better.

Dearest- The ending of Inuyasha and the best track on this album. Ayumi sings it with emotion (and vibrato). This track made me buy the album. The lyrics are very touching too.

Carols- A standard ballad. Coming straight after Dearest, it does not manage to stand out. However, its wintry atmosphere adds a new dimension to the ballads on this album.

No way to say- The ballads just keep deteriorating.

HANABI- Starts off well but chorus doesn't stand out. Hanabi is one of her more popular tracks. The arrangement is good but the chorus could've been better.

walking proud- Another stereotypical ayu ballad. Ayumi's ballads start sounding similar at this stage.

Free&easy- This is okay but inaudible in the beginning. Too many ballads are boring me (they sound identical).

Endless sorrow- One of the better tracks. I must admit Ayumi composes better than any of her composers. Her composers just give her substandard stuff to sing. Ayumi has great composing talent and she should continue to compose.

Because of you- mediocre.

About you- Again, doesn't stand out.

GAME- Starts slow and gets louder. I don't understand what this track is doing on this album. Wasn't Best2Black supposed to showcase her 'soft' side (ballads)? But I am glad he broke the monotony with a trance track.

is this LOVE?- Better than Game but doesn't stand out coming after it.

HANABI~EP2~- The chorus is good but the verse doesn't connect. DAI and Ayumi composed it in collaboration.

NEVER EVER- Another song that proves my observation. Ayumi DOES compose better than her composers. Her career is declining because she has stopped composing. Her career will completely collapse the day she stops writing lyrics.

HEAVEN- A peaceful ballad. One of the better ones. It was the theme song for Shinobi- Heart under blade.

part of Me- Above average ballad.

Ayumi's uptempo songs are much better than her ballads. Also, the songs she has composed herself or in collabration with DAI are better than those composed by other composers. Ayu please go back to composing. MOON/Blossom was a mess.
Ayumi's voice shows certain amount of emotion and technique but she completely lacks replay value. Her voice sounds repetitive after a few listens.

Overall-3.9-4/5 (could've been better)

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