Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Underrated artists

Like in every industry, there are some underrated musicians in the jpop industry too. These musicians deliver good quality and should've sold more but due to lack of promotion, they have not managed to sell well. 

Changin' my life

Changin' my life sang some touching theme songs for Full Moon wo sagashite. Their music is mainly pop with an emphasis on ballads. Myco's voice is deep and emotional. Changin' my life is one of the bands that ought to have sold more. Myco had a flop solo project too. Her solo songs are wonderful as well. Their lyrics are mostly romantic. Songs have great instrumental preludes  (before the first verse) and Myco sings her best. Mnay of their B sides are better than A sides. Changin' my life delivers high quality music and should've sold more. Their albums failed to chart.

Iwao Junko

She is a seiyuu known for voicing Tomoyo in CCS. She sand 'Scarlet' for Ayashi no ceres. Iwao Junko always wanted to become a singer like her idol, Yumi Matsutoya. Iwao Junko has a childish voice with controlled notes and sweetness. Her voice is soothing and melodic and her songs are well composed. I can't imagine any reason why she did not sell well.

Kanon Wakeshima

There was a lot of hype about her debut single Still doll. She is a gothic artist produced by the legendary Mana. Though her songs get repetitive after a while and her voice sounds a little untrained, her debut single was a masterpiece and should've sold better. Her first album, though repetitive, was good as well. Her subsequent releases don't have that quality but she is a unique artist with elaborate dressing style, drawing talent, cello playing skills and a unique voice.


Another Kanon. She is best known for singing 'Brand new breeze' for La Corda anime. She trained from a music college in Australia. Her music is classical influenced and she often covers popular classical pieces like Rhapsody in blue, Canon etc. Her self compositions are wonderful as well. Her voice is airy and floats (much like any other classical singer) but has a water like soothing quality to it. It is peaceful and relaxing and she doesn't hit any unbelievably high and screechy notes. She is currently with Sony.

Yui Makino

A lot of seiyuus are underrated as artists. Yui Makino has a sweet voice. Her songs are well composed. She sang many themes for Tsubasa Chronicle. She doesn't completely fall under 'underrated' category because her singles and albums have sold okay- they've at least managed to chart.

Tanaka Rie

Tanaka Rie doesn't have a unique or wonderful voice but her songs are excellent. She is known for singing 'Mizu no akashi' and 'shizuka na yoru ni' for Gundam Seed destiny. Her highest charting mini album contaning her contributions to Gundan charted at #34. Other albums have charted below #250.

Feel free to add any artists you think are underrated.

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  1. yea! Kanon, kanon Wakeshima, and Changin My Life 4ever!