Friday, October 8, 2010

Jpop review- Winter and christmas songs

Even though christmas is far away, winter is approaching. I decided to compile a list of anime and jpop winter and christmas songs to help everyone get in the spirit of winter.

Tsugaru kaikyo fuyu geshiki- I am starting off with an enka song. Sayuri Ishikawa won awards for this song. One of her hit songs. A typical enka with Sayuri Ishikawa's emotional singing. Much like Amagigoe, the last word (title of the song) stands out. A nice and powerful winter enka.

Pure snow- An enka followed by an anime song. This one is from Himiko den anime. The melody is nice although he singer does not carry it off to its full potential. A pleasant winter song for anime fans.

Christmas eve- It is a standard christmas song in Japan sung by Tatsuro Yamashita (who produced and married Mariya Takeuchi). It sounds more western than japanese. The whole song is english. A nice guitar song.

Snow drop- I reviewed this song earlier in L'arc~en~ciel's ray post. A million selling winter single, one of the best christmas rock songs. There are guitars in the beginning playing solo. The song has a nice effect overall.

Eternal snow- Another anime song from Fullmoon wo sagashite. It is sung by Changin' my life. The feeling of winter is prominent is this song. There are sounds of chimes, wind, music box, bells and sighs all of which symbolise winter. The lyrics are pretty much based on the theme.

Itsuka no merry christmas- A standard christmas song. It is sung by the rock duo B'Z, the highest selling japanese act. The song pretty much lives up to expectations and matches the title. The chorus is christmassy and upbeat. It has been covered by Ayumi Hamasaki, Gackt and Namioe Amuro. I find that the B'z version is the best.

Konnayuki- A remioromen song. It was the theme for 1 litre of tears starring Erika Sawajiri. It sold close t a million and becase the highest selling single for Remioromen. It was covered by Gackt and TM Revolution. The song is a rocking winter song. The singer sounds like an enka singer but manages to deliver the song properly.

Nagori Yuki- Translates to 'lingering snow'. A folk hit by Iruka. It has been covered by countless artists (Fukuyama Masaharu, Ayaka Hirahara,aiko, X Japan, Kanon etc.) in many languages. I found all cover versions better than the original. A nice melody but arrangement is not that good.

Yuki no hana- Became a hit for Mika Nakashima. A jazzy winter ballad with music box. I found it average.

Winter bells- Mai Kuraki's highest selling winter single. It is upbeat and bouncy with lots of beat and melody. A fun Christmas song.

I have left out many christmas songs like Issho ni (Max), White love (speed), Meri Kuri (BoA), Winter song (Dct), White light (Namie Amuro), Appears and Poweder snow (Ayumi Hamasaki) etc.
Add any other winter songs you like to the comments below.

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