Saturday, October 30, 2010

Manga Review- Cat Street

Cat Street is a shoujo manga by Yoko Kamio, the creator of Hana Yori Dango. It was adapted into a television drama. It spans eight volumes.

The protagonist of the story, Keito Aoyama is a famous child actress who becomes a social recluse after her acting career is ruined after her fifteen minute silence in a stage musical. She drops out of elementary school and stays at home until seventeen. One day, on her way from the convenience store, she meets the principal of El Liston, a free school in the neighbourhood. The school is attended by children who have withdrawn from society. After sone convincing from Rei, another high schooler, she decided to attend El Liston. There, she reinvents herself, makes new and unforgettable friends and goes on a path to becoming a successful actress.

Cat Street was a classic shoujo manga. In the first four volumes or so, Keito doesn't fall in love. It is all about her new life at the school and her past experiences. In the second half, she falls in love twice.

The illustrations were a step up from HYD. The story was good but too short. The romance between Keito and Kouchi appeared a little rushed up and fake. HYD dragged on for 36 volumes and had a full fledged, believable and true love. Throughout Cat Street, Keito's main focus is on friendship and acting and any little love appears semi serious or fake. The storyline was strong but the story was too short a time to spread it to its full potential. The characters were not very realistic but were tolerable. Keito is more realistic than Makino but not as strong. The ending was much better than HYD.

Cat Street focused more on friendship and career and less on love. It was actually good because the romance was pathetic. I expected better things from Yoko Kamio who did a wonderful job in HYD. The series was short to show its full potential. Yoko Kamio has created many mangas after HYD but nothing comes close to it. Cat Street is at least a better than average shoujo. The others were intolerable. The cover design was good. All the eight covers were professional and classy with unique effects.

Overall, Cat Street was an above average shoujo that ambitious girls would consider reading. It is okay for light entertainment (better than the Kodochas and Bokura ga Itas of the world) but serious fans should look elsewhere. Please don't expect any romance from this manga. Something to read when you have lots of free time and no good manga around to read.

Story- 4/5
Art- 4.1/5
Overall- 3.5/5




Lacks proper romance

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  1. bokura ga ita is way better than cat street in my opinion.
    i felt the relationship between yano and nanami as opposed to the one in this cold (and the stupid telepathy shit made me roll my eyes). plus bokura ga ita isn't rushed. yano is more interesting (and messed up) than the pretty typical love interests of this manga. keito's story is supposed to be kind of a coming of age story but her growth doesnt ring quite true, like for example yukari's in paradise kiss. but i do still like this manga