Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anime movie review- Ojamajo doremi- Pop and the magical cursed rose

Ojamajo doremi defines the mahou shoujo/henshin genre. It is aimed at young audience. The anime comprises of several seasons with a main character added in every season (like Winx club). It is typical of its genre with an overpowering female majority, comedy, eye candy animation and semi serious love. The story initiated in the first episode is continued throughout.
Doremi Harukaze is a ditz (what a strange name) who has the worst love luck. She is peppy, cheerful and optimistic despite her terrible love luck. One day, while walking back home, Doremi enters a mysterious magic shop which sells good luck charms. A witch rocks on the chair in the dark room. Doremi senses it and is afraid. She accidentally guesses the name of the witch who turns into a frog. Majorika, the witch, tells her that if anyone guesses the name of a witch, that witch turns into a frog. She puts pressure on Doremi to help her out by becoming a witch herself. Doremi consents to it triggering a series full of funny events, magic and friendship.

The movie focuses on Pop (Doremi's nosy sister) and her magical adventure. Pop goes to Magic kingdom for her test. While coming back, she spots a beautiful flower in thr queen's garden and decides to take it back. She doesn't know that the flower can grand wishes but if it grants a bad wish, it turns black and withers. Doremi scolds Pop for bringing the flower home. Pop wishes that Doremi loses all her magical powers and truns into a rat. Pop's wish comes true leading Doremi's gang and Majorika on a rat chase. Meanwhile, Doremi gets into lots of funny situations.

The movie is targeted at younger audience and is a great movie considering its target audience. Just like every child's anime, it preaches love, friendship, right and wrong and teaches that people always make mistakes but they should make sure to admit and correct them.

Comedy is the good part of this movie. Comical situations keep the first half of the movie running. The second half is emotional with the flower dying and Pop apologising for killing the flower. As expected from a children's anime, the flower is cured and everyone has a happy ending.

Doremi is overall an amusing anime/movie with good music and art. It can be enjoyed by slightly older audience too. Fantasy elements are dominant along with comedy. The character building is good with an easy-to-relate-to heroine like Doremi.
Older audience can derive some entertainment from watching the movie.

Overall, one of the better movies out there. It is especially wonderful for kids.

Art- 4.5/5
Characters- 4.6/5
Music- 4.3/5
Overall- 4.1/5

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