Monday, October 4, 2010

Summon Night- Swordcraft Story

Three years ago, Shintetsu, the Craftlord of Iron (one of the seven Craftlords), gave up his life to protect his wife Amariss, their son/daughter (dependent on which gender the player selects at the beginning), and the whole of Wystern. He was recognized as a hero. Three years have passed and the remaining Craftlords have organized a tournament to replace him. In this tournament joins the child of Shintetsu. However, the foreign nation of Deigleya have plans of their own, as well as a thousand-year-old forbidden secret that was the truth behind the tournament.

Summon Night is basically a RPG with fantasy elements. You are a person from the village (or town) of Wystern who takes part in a tournament which consists of levels. In each level, you are faced with a different opponent who posseses one of the five different types of weapons- sword/axe/spear/drill or hammer (basic). Also, the materials needed to forge them, fall under one of the four elements. Basically, you collect materials, forge weapons and fight the tournament.

Does that sound boring? I hope not. Because that's just the basic. Probably less than basic. You have to fight monsters in dungeons to collect ores and there is a sinister backstory of which you will be aware only later in the game. The best part is however- the summon beasts. You can choose an android, a devil girl, a wind sprite or a fire demon. Every beast has his/her weaknesses and strenghths. They can help you in between battles by using their powers. I chose the fire demon and it was pretty good.

The graphics are fantastic and very much like any anime. The monsters look too cute to be monsters. The characters, setting, beasts and all are well well done. The music is nothing great but then I have never realized how music matters in a game.

The game progressively gets difficult and there might come a point where you might find it difficult to proceed.

Pros- Good art and design
Great gameplay and concept

Cons- Might become inhumanely challenging

Best buy- always has discounts but ebay might have some interesting prices, too.

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