Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jpop review- Koda Kumi- Best~second session~

This is the second best album released by Koda Kumi. It sold over a million, close to two million. It was the outcome of her much publisized 12 weeks of christmas campaign. It stayed on united world charts for two weeks and became the first jpop album to accomplish this feat. All the twelve singles had a country as their theme on the basis of which the single cover was designed.

Introduction to the second session- As ususal, Koda Kumi has an introduction to this album. It is an R&B track with arabian theme. The introduction was better than some of the singles on this album.

DDD feat. Soulhead- Britain was the theme for this single. It is a collaboration with Soulhead. The song is an average R&B track.

You- Her first #1 single. It is a winter ballad with alaskan theme. The ballad is much like every other ballad by Koda Kumi. She sings with emotion. There are a lot of chimes and wind sounds.

Candy- One of the most exotic songs in the album. Koda Kumi came up with a good idea for this song's PV. There are egyptian instruments in the beginning. Africa was the theme for this single. It fitted the theme well. It is a collaboration with Mr. Blistah.

Shake it up- It is an average pop track. I think it is the roots of her pinku diva style. I didn't like it very much especially coming after a strong single like Candy.

Feel- Feel became another #1 single for Koda Kumi. It is a jazz song with an engrish chorus. It was themed on Spain. I find nothing 'spanish' in this song but it is a pleasant jazz ballad. The song doesn't shine much at this position in the album. It should've been placed elsewhere.

Wind- This is a classic pinku diva by Koda Kumi. I like it though. The chorus is strong and the lyrics are inspiring. Italy was the theme for Wind. It has nothing in common with the country. Italian theme would've fitted Imasugu hoshi more.

Love goes like- An R&B track. The verses are weak but the chorus is nice. This single doesn't shine much at this position either.

No Regret- Indian theme. I found no Indian elements in the song. Flaco, the first ending to Law of Ueki sounded more Indian. This was the second opening of the same anime. I watched the anime and I didn't like the song. The single has sold pretty well but I don't like it. Reminds me of Shake it up.

Birthday eve- A bad song surrounded by bad ones. This is one track I can't stand. California was the theme this time. It has lots of brass instruments and chimes but the song is a so-so pop track. Skip it.

Lies- Three bad songs in succession. I didn't like this one either. The chorus was okay but she could've created something better for chinese theme.

Ima sugu hoshi (I want it right now)- French theme. Does not disgrace the theme at least. In fact, it was quite pleasant. Lots of shrill chimes going on throughout the song. The chorus is midtempo as the song. One of the better tracks on this album.

Kamen- Nothing was good about this song except 'tonight'. The chorus didn't pick up at all. Koda Kumi and Ishii Tatuya both have nice voices but the song was too average to showcase talent. Hawaii was the theme. I think Koda Kumi doesn't understand but Hawaii, California and Alaska are part of the same country (USA).

Someday- If you have not passed out from hearing terrible tracks, this one comes as a final blow. A below average pop sing. Japan is the theme. She could've done something like Aisho for Japanese theme instead of this rubbish.

A whole new world- I wonder how Peabo Bryson, a busy singer, agreed to sing with Koda Kumi. Anyway, this track is at least decent. Koda Kumi songs quite well. If it were not for the engrish, she would surpass Regina Belle. A nice way to end this mess.

Overall, not as good as I expected it to be. While there were certainly some exotic ongs that lived upto our expectations, there were some that could've been spruced up. Themes like China and Japan need much better songs. In a hurry, she messed up a lot of singles. The quality of the album was not very high. I thought Trick was better than this. She could've made the album a little more bearable with better song placement.
I have been giving Koda Kumi many chances because I like her voice. I bought her recent albums but when they truned out nothing great, I decided to try her million sellers hoping that maybe they'll be good. However, only a few songs turned out to be good. Koda Kumi definitely needs better composers to showcase her talent.

Overall- 4/5

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