Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Romance Review- Best romance writers

Here are some of the romance writers I feel are the best in their field. These are my opinions only and if you like any other writers, you can share your views by posting a comment. The authors are in no particular order.

1. Barbara Cartland- She is proclaimed the 'True Queen of Romance' with reason. Most of her books are outstanding and her writing style never fails to evoke emotions. Her books are short and most heroes have similar characteristics but somehow, I get so drawn into her stories that I do not notice the flaws. Many of her books are out of print now, but if you ever have a chance, you should try her books.

2. Judith Mcnaught- She is one of the best contempoary writers of romance. I find her writing style quite similar to Barbara Cartland''s. Her stories are more complex, longer and have better character development. They are also unique and different from one another. She is a writer worth checking out.

3. Meg Cabot- Though she writes chick-lit, many of her books have romantic elements. Her style is really refreshing. Her characters are humorous and sensible. Her ideas are very original and she never bores the reader. She has her mediocre books too but overall, her better books more than make up for the so-so ones.

4. Johanna Lindsey- She mainly writes historical romances and sagas. I just started reading her books recently but was hooked immediately. Her books are very real and full of adventure. Her characters come alive. She is famous with reason.

5. Harlequin/Mills & Boon- Now, Harlequin is not technically an author but it never fails to deliver extremely good romantic novels every month. Most of the writers who write for Mills & Boon write well. I have no particular favorite writers. All of them are quuite good. It is amazing how they deliver such a vast array of romantic novels in a single month. It is no wonder that Mills & Boon is a firm favorite among romance readers.

Nora Roberts is a really popular writer and I have reviewed many of her books but I don't think she is that good. Her romances are unusually shallow with heroines who fall easily. Her plots are extremely unoriginal. Another writer I have not included is Sophie Kinsella because her style is quite similar to Meg Cabot's. I don't really like Stephanie Meyer either. Janet Daily is mediocre at best.


  1. my julie garwood didn't make it??? :(


  2. I have never read any of Julie Garwood's books. After reading your comment, I bought one book by her. I will be reviewing it in the future.