Monday, October 4, 2010

Book review: Johanna Lindsey- Gentle Rogue

Johanna Lindsey is a popular author of Historical Romance who has sold over 58 million copies worldwide. Her Malory series of novels are extremely popular. Gentle Rogue is the third book the Malory series.

It depicts the love-relationship between James Malory- a rake and a viscount and an American girl Georgina (shortened to Georgie). Georgina has been waiting for the past six years for her fiance who went to the British-American war (it might have another name but this is what I gathered) and never returned. With great difficulty, she manages to trace his location and attempts to go to England alone with her trusted servant Mac (I am not sure he is a servant). While searching for her fiance, she goes to a tavern where she meets a handsome man (James Malory) whom she immediteley dislikes. There, she realizes that her fiance is married to another woman and has children too! She is extremely disappointed and decides to return to America as soon as possible. However, there are few ships that will make it before six months, which she feels, is too long.

Mac finds out that there is another ship setting sail for Jamaica which will reach in one month. But it is an all-men ship. Georgie disguises herself as a cabin boy to the captain and sets sail. But unfortunately, the captain turns out to be James Malory whom she met at the tavern. She is afraid that he might recognize her and he does, but he pretends not to remember her. So begins their romance.......

Gentle Rogue is a typical pirate/historical romance. It is much like the stuff written by other historical romance writers. The heroine is a typical impulsive/adventurous heroine and the hero is very typical too. What makes this book even a little bit different is that at least Johanna Lindsey has drifted away from the typical high social position hero and weak heroine towards something less generic. A sea romance might be refreshing to those who are bored of generic modern/historical romances.

Pros- Interesting plot and characters

Cons- The end really drags and teh beginning is too slow
Repetition of how blasted English aristocrats are (Even though I am not British, I found that excessive)

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