Friday, October 8, 2010

Read free book online- Wish upon a star by Kimberley Comeaux

Hi, I found this free online romance book by author Kimberley Comeaux while browsing. It is a pretty good book and she is offering it free on her website.

Experience the incredible journey of Kristy Kendrick as she journeys back through time and meet the man of her dreams.  But what will happen when she is presented with the choice to go back home or stay in a century she doesn't belong in?  Read this complete Novel to find out.  It's FREE! (Blurb Taken from the website)

Here is the link- 

While you are at her site, check out the other free book that she is offering. It's called Destiny's Pirate and it's a pirate romance. It is much shorter than Wish upon a star, though.

 It started out as a boring novelty cruise in Caribbean, but it would end up being so much more!
Read the exciting adventures of Destiny as she gets thrown back into time and into the arms of a dashing pirate!  The novel is complete and ready to read!  Enjoy!

Here is the link to Destiny's Pirate-

From now on, I will be posting the link to one (or many) free e-books (legitimate) on Review Carnival every month. These are for October so enjoy!

While at her site, check out other books by her.

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