Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Review- Nora Roberts- Cordina's Royal Family

Cordina's Royal family is a two novels-in-one book that I purchased from a shop which sells old and rare books. I figured that there may be other parts of this same series too but since no information is found on the official Nora Roberts website, I can't say for sure.

The book is one of her earlier works and contains two novels- The Playboy Prince and Cordina's Crown Jewel.

The Playboy Prince- Tells the story of prince Bennet, who is a playboy. He has all the attributes of prince charming- handsome, good social graces and money. But when it comes to women, he is very fickle. Then, a woman called Hannah comes to the palace. Dressed unattractively in plain clothes, she is actually a secret agent who wants to get a man (I forgot his name) who wants to ruin the royal family arrested. But she lacks evidence. When prince Bennet meets her, he instantly falls for her despite her lacking beauty. The story then continues in typical Nora Roberts story style with a predictable happy ending. While the story was not bad, there was nothing particularly interesting about it. It is just like any other romance novel and quite inferior to some of Roberts's works.

Cordina's Crown Jewel- Princess Camilla is the picture perfect princess on the surface but inside, she is extremely troubled by constant media pressure and paparazzi. One day, after a charity ball, she finally breaks down and decides to run away from home to where no one would recognize her. She takes some money with her, rents a car and sets off. Unfortunatley, her car breaks down during a storm and she is forced to seek the help of a complete stranger- Delaney Caine; a cranky archaeologist. From the minute she steps into his house, she discovers that he doesn't have the best of tempers. When the storm finally subsides, she has no money to move on so she decides to do housework in Caine's house so that she can earn some money as she has no intention of going back home. Slowly, she falls in love with him. Nora delivers a interesting read with this one. This is one of her best works to date. The hero is not perfect like many other romance heroes but has human faults which made this story realistic. The heroine is not weak either.

Overall, the book was worth buying. One story was pretty good while the other was beareable.

Pros- Both stories have strong female characters.
Cover art was so beautiful.
Writing style.
Royal setting which was something different.
Cons- First story drags in some parts.
In the second novel, towards the end, there are some really unnecessary events which serve no purpose.

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