Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drama Review- Kekkon Dekinai Otoko

This is a quirky and interesting drama starring Abe Hiroshi as a man who can't get married. Abe Hiroshi and Natsukawa Yui act superbly in the drama givng it most of its charm.

The drama is about an architect, Shinsuke Kuwano, who is forty and still can't get married. This is mainly due to his eccentric behaviour, disinterest in women and house, rudeness, stubborness and obsessive nature. He has developed some very eccentric habits like conducting classical music in the evening (while the music system plays the CD), eating high fat foods everyday, going to the hospital and bugging the doctor everyday and not conceding to the demands of clients at work.

In the first episode, he falls ill and collapses on eating steak and is taken to the hospital by his neighbour who has never seen him earlier. His neighbour has a dog named Ken to erase the memory of her ex- boyfriend of the same name. He meets doctor Natsumi there who diagnoses him wrongly. After that, he starts coming to the hospital everyday. Natsumi is forty too and she can't get married. She wants to get married but she cannot find anyone suitable. Natsumi and Kuwano's neighbour, Michiru become good friends and they spend most nights at each other's place.

When I read the title, I thought Kuwano might be a man who wants to get married but can't but the fact is, he doesn't want to get married. He thinks women will corrupt his house and he want to continue his stubborn ways. He is a perfectionist and has knowledge of many things. Sometimes, when he shows it off, it becomes rude.

Most episodes revolve around his working life with little interference from Michiru and Natsumi. Towards the end of the drama, their role increases.

The drama was unique due to Abe Hiroshi's eccentric character and good acting. But if you're looking for romance, look elsewhere. There is absolutely no romance until the second last episode. The drama is interesting, unique and has a great cast but since Kuwano doesn't show any interest in getting married, the drama drags on without him showing any interest in romance. In the end, both girls fall in love with him but he had a preference for Natsumi from the very beginning.

The whistling in the background when Kuwano does to the DVD shop, convenience store and bar in the evening is something I liked very much. It complements the atmosphere of the drama. Shinsuke's eccentric habits keep the drama interesting.

In the last episode, he proposes to Natsumi but messes it up with his pride and stubborness. Later, they meet on their way home and he invites her to his apartment.

Seems like the start of a great romance but this should have been done in the third episode and not the last one.

Still, this drama is great to watch since it is interesting even though it lacks romance. The ending was okay and made up for it. It could've been better though. Abe Hiroshi's great acting is not something you would like to miss.

Acting- 4.7/5
Story- 4.2/5
Setting- 4.2/5
Overall- 4.3/5

It is a comedy drama that might be good for people looking for some light entertainment.


Actors and actresses
Main character


Romance starts too slow
No development of feelings
Ending coul've been better

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  1. I thought the romance was evident by at least the third episode and from then on. Kuwano had trouble expressing his feeling in the right way, so that is why the romance was so slow in growing.