Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music Review- Maaya Sakamoto-Kazeyomi

This is the album released by seiyuu and singer Maaya Sakamoto after her hit single Triangler.

Vento- This is an ethreal track with lots of chorus music, strings and piano. A wonderful and peaceful way to start this album. I loved the calm and relaxed feeling of this track.

Triangler- This takes off high speed after the peaceful and calm Vento. This is Maaya's best selling single to date. I find it an average anime rock track. Her airy voice is better suited for ballads.

Kazemachi Jet ~kazeyomi edition~- A breezy track with Maaya's peaceful vocals. This song is pretty average and doesn't differ mushc from the original. A relaxing track to listen to again and again. Sounds like looking at a plane fly in the clear sky on a pleasant spring day.

Remedy- Another peaceful track with a little guitar. Maaya's vocals have a water like quality that make the listener relax and soothe the nerves. It is a pop track.

Ame ga furu- This is a single track. It starts out peaceful and catches up with a rocking chorus. There is some disconnect between the chorus and verse but it still makes a great song. Maaya's songs have strong melodies and arrangement.

Get no satisfaction!- Another rock track. I didn't find it as good as other album tracks. It is nevertheless a good uptempo track (much better than triangler).

Ao no Ether- A ballad with nothing but the piano for accompaniment. A Macross cover. The song it so beautiful that it makes me want to cry. The melody is very strong. It reminds me of no fear aisuru koto another Maaya song with a solid melody. It completes your spiritual music journey.

Shitsuren cafe- A very average track and one of the tracks that failed to live upto my expectation. It is still a pleasant guitar song to listen to.

Sonic Boom- This was the opening to Tusbasa Chronicle. It is an uptempo anime pop track. Maaya carries it off well. The chorus is rocking.

Peanuts- Resembles Shitsuren cafe with a children's song twist. Has short, choppy words with some fast paced istrument. Pleasant but nothing spectacular.

Saigo no kajitsu- This sounds a bit mysterious. One of the first songs with Platinum that I heard from her. Sounds like a Yuki Kajiura composition. It is a bit mysterious and sad.

Colors- It resembles Vector. It flows like a river with Maaya's flawless vocals bridging all gaps. It is close to a ballad but can be categorised as easy listening, something which Maaya specialises in.

Kazamidori- This song sounds just like the title suggests- a weathervane gently moved by the breeze. The chorus picks up and sounds powerful. Maaya's vocals again shine here.

Guitar Hiki no naritai na- This is an average pop track with an easy listening twist. Though it is peaceful and laid back, it fails to offer anything special and could've been better. She should've ended the album with Ao no ether or colors.

Overall, one of the best releases from Maaya Sakamoto. Her voice is perfectly relaxing and her songs have great melodies and great arrangement. If you listen to this album, you will be converted. Her voice fits this easy listening album very well producing great results. A high quality work from Maaya that is worth every penny. Most seiyuus just try to sound cute or mature and don't produce good work. Her voice is unique and she has found her style. That's why she's good at what she does. With Yoko Kanno and other famous composers' great works, this album truly shines. However, her Everywhere best or Nikopachi best would be soemthing I would recommend more than this. Still, it is her best studio album.
Way to go Maaya!

Overall- 4.6/5

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