Friday, September 17, 2010

Anime review- Toradora

Toradora (literally meaning Tiger and Dragon) is an anime based on a series of light novels which were later adapted into manga. It is supposed to be a romantic comedy.

The protagonist is Ryuji who is not very rich and has scary looking eyes. Naturally, he is mistaken for a delinquent at school and has few real friends. On the first day of his last year at high school, he bangs into a girl called Aisaka Taiga. Aisaka looks reallly cute and doll like but has a violent and impulsive personality.

By mistake, Aisaka puts a letter meant for Ryuji's friend into Ryuji's bag and Ryuji discovers it. She comes to his house at night to try and kill him, but eventually realizes that Ryuji likes her friend Minorin. Since they are both in the same situation, they decide to help each other out.

This leads to a set of wacky events filled with comedy, drama and romance. Episodes 1-3 are sheer boring but if you live through them, you will be able to watch this really interesting anime. Episodes 4-10 are filled with comedy. After episode 10, the anime gets serious and the characters start to change. After this point, the anime seems to fit into the drama/romance genre rather than comedy/romance.

The anime was interesting and a nice watch overall but I hated how slowly Taiga and Ryuji developed feelings for each other and their first kiss is in episode 24? Too slow.

The personality of Minorin was very confusing changing from happy to mature and then to happy again. Kitamura changed for a few episodes, but became normal again. Kawashima Ami's personality interested me and I really wanted her to find a love interest in the end.

I have heard people calling it the best anime but I don't agree. It is not bad or even mediocre but it is not the best either. It should have been longer. When Taiga and Ryuji finally start developing feelings for each other.......they end the anime?

This anime really needs a second season.

Pros- Good story overall
Cons- Inconsistent characters and the main characters fall in love too slowly.

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