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Globe- Cruise Record 1995-2000

globe is a very popular band produced by legendary producer Tetsuya Komuro. Their musical style is basically dance tracks and occassional ballads.

Cruise record- 1995-2000 is their best album spanning their singles from 1995-2000. Personally, I find Tetsuya's arrrangement to be extraordinary, his songwriting is good except for a few terrible tracks but Keiko's voice is unbereable! She just squeals. In the lower octaves, her voice sounds so normal but as soon as she goes higher, she sounds like a car suddenly hitting the brakes.

Disc 1 (I will not review the interludes. There is nothing much to say about them)

2. Miss your body ~tan line mix~- Initially, this was the only track on the album that I liked even a little. It is a reasonably good dance track and it sounds better because Keiko doesn't hit any high notes.

3.biting her nails- Starts with a mysterious sounding instrumental. A very good track which I enjoy. Keiko could have done better in the high notes.

4.still growin up- I wish that the song wouldn't have started with Keiko singing high notes- it simply made me hate the song right from the start. Marc's rap cannot do much to save the song, either.

5.Sweet heart- An okay track which is boring but bearable.

6.Depertures- globe's highest selling single which sold more than 2 million. A ballad which clearly showcases Komuro's songwriting abilities. Keiko's voice suddenly changes so much in the chorus and it sounds as if she might just break singing so high. In the verse, her voice sounds like a poor copy of Hamasaki Ayumi's.

7. Anytime smokin cigarette- A globe-like dance track which is actually pretty good except in the chorus where Keiko's voice sounds unusually annoying.

8. SWEET PAIN- I don't like this track much. Wonderful orchestra at the beginning though.

9.Love again- One of the strongest tracks in globe's discography. A danceable tune with a nice arrangement.
Rating- 4.1

10.FREEDOM- Starts off with Keiko wailing in a far-off voice. A crossbreed between a ballad and pop track, it sounds very refreshing on this album.

11.TIME without tears- A piano-driven ballad but not as interesting as departures.

12.Wanderin' Destiny- A track with wonderful melody and Keiko shows off some power in her voice which makes it more interesting.

13.Sa Yo Na Ra- A cheerful pop/rock track with strong beats and some other instruments. Keiko's voice sounds very mature. Could be the best track on this disc since there are no extraordinarily high notes.

14.Perfume of Love- The instruments drown Keiko and Marc's voice making this a very boring track.

Disc 2

2. Can't stop falling in love- Sounds much like a mix of Love again and Sa Yo Na Ra- two of globe's best tracks. The result is- an awesome track.

3.RUN AWAY FROM THE NIGHT- A comparatively mellow track but still very interesting. It uses the same instruments as biting her nails. Keiko's vocie is very airy and pleasant (I never thought I would say this) in the chorus.

5.FACES PLACES- Another of globe's signature songs. It's quite good except for the rockish parts in the middle, towards the end of the song where keiko starts shreiking.

6. Joy to the love- What a weird title! The song isn't much better. Worth skipping.

8.Wanna be a dreammaker- Unlike the title, the song is not at all interesting. I wonder how this track became a single track.

9.FACE- A rock-ballad. One of the better tracks on this disc.

11.SHOCK INSIDE MY BRAIN- globe's titles just keep getting weirder. What is SHOCK INSIDE MY BRAIN supposed to mean? This song consists mainly of rap, rap..........and rap. Boring.
Rating-2 (maybe I should give it 1?)

12.You are the one- Interesting background sounds and the song is pretty good and pleasant for most part.

13. Is this Love- A midtempo pop track which doesn't have any interesting instrumentals or vocals.

14.Feel like dance- globe's debut single and pretty danceable as the title suggests.

Overall, disc 1 was a lot better than disc 2. Disc 2 had many weak and boring tracks while disc 1 was more well rounded with fewer filler tracks. The best part of this album is undoubtedly Komuro's songwriting. So many of the songs have a great melody and arrangement.

Pros- Great arrangement and good songwriting.
Cons- Keiko's terrible squeaky voice.

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