Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drama review- Beach Boys

Beach boys is a popular drama starring Takahashi Sorimachi and Yutaka Takenouchi as the main characters. It also stars the award winning actress Ryoko Hirosue.

Upon getting thrown out of his girlfriend Fujiko's apartment, Hiromi (Sorimachi) decides to head for the ocean. En route, he crosses paths with Kaito (Takenouchi), an elite employee of a large multinational trading company in Tokyo who is running away from his problems at work after losing a key client. The two stumble into a quiet B&B on the beach run by the aging surfer Masaru and his high-school-aged granddaughter Makoto. Hiromi immediately applies to work there for the summer, and Kaito is forced to join him after he loses his wallet. The two share a room, with Hiromi trying to make friends, and Kaito at first resisting, unimpressed by Hiromi's devil-may-care attitude. Slowly over the ensuing episodes, Kaito becomes more and more at home in this sleepy rural town, and begins to wonder if he should give up his pursuit of success in the big city, and try to relax, and enjoy himself more. When he returns to Tokyo to finish his work, Hiromi and Makoto come to lure him back, but when he returns to the B&B, his boss and girlfriend Sakura likewise come looking for him.


The drama starts off quite well with Hiromi and Kaito going to the same place and meeting by chance. Their friendship develops gradually and they come to know everyone in the island. They explore their interests and revaluate their choices. They land up togerther accidentally at the same inn and fight over it for some time. Since Kaito loses his walet, he is forced to sleep with Hiromi in a small room. Hiromi is not a guest and works at the inn.
The drama gives the feeling of a typical summer drama. There is always a beach, sea trees and the minshuku inn. Hirosue's grandpa also contributes to the summer offect.

This drama is refreshing and contains little or no romance. It is about a quest for searching for things you like doing in life and getting out of the cage (job) you have created. The drama might be especially interesting for office goers who are sick of their job. The drama portrays the truth- there are many people who do jobs that they don't like. It inspires those people to do things they love in life.
The song 'Forever' by Sorimachi Takahashi adds to the summer atmosphere and is a great song. He is a good singer. The song plays frequently during the drama. I listen to this song even now after I have fishished watching the drama.

The initial episodes were very interesting and refreshing. However, after Kaito goes away, it seems a little boring. It picks up after he comes back but the ending was not good.
They face problems and challenges together and overcome these to decide their own path in life. There is considerable amout of comedy in the drama and is amusing to watch. Again, I am shocked how Sorimachi Takahashi never won an acting award in his life since he acts quite well. Both the actors were very good. Ryoko Hirosue looked just like Utada Hikaru and at first, I thought this was Utada Hikaru acting.

The screenwriter did a good job too. The drama is a break from routine crime, historical and romance dramas.
Many people who are stuck in a job they dislike might find this one great.

What I didn't like was the ending. I hate sad and ambiguous endings. This one was both. I would have agreed with Hiromi and Kaito leaving if they left together. They go their seperate ways and I find it a little disappointing since they're such good friends. They could've done business or something together. Ryoko Hirosue and the others at the inn and island had a good ending except her grandpa, of course.
Even though Hirmo and Kaito left, their futures were not shown. This seems rather hopeless.

There is a special episode which I didn't watch. If you happen to watch it, please comment and tell me how it was.
Beach Boys has never been released on DVD. It had high viewership ratings (26.5%).

Overall, a good summer drama to watch. People looking for a change from the routine dramas might like it. Also, people who work will find it interesting and easy to relate too.

Acting- 4.4/5
Script- 3.8/5
Setting- 3.4/5
Overall- 4.1/5


The theme song
Good cast
Unique story
Summer theme


Slight inconsistensies

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