Monday, September 6, 2010

Drama Review- Untouchable

Untouchable is a thriller drama starring Yukie Nakama. She plays the role of a journalist dedicated to bringing out the truth about political and social conspiracies. She joins work as a journalist in a third-rate magazine called untouchable.

In the first episode, a famous journalist Arisugawa Sumire, whose every news is correct, says about a construction company. Yukie Nakama only wants to interview her but it soon turns into a frenzy with dark underground organisation, police and everything. It seems that Sumire's success is based on the murder of many. From here, Yukie begins to discover about the hidden darkness in her world and pledges to expose it.

The following episodes follow her as she gets deeper and deeper into the darkness, finally leading to a major worldwide dark organisation whose candidate is contesting for the post of the Japanese president.

The ending is really unexpected.

The actors except Nakama play their parts well and Nakama looks cute with her long skirt and odd hairstyle. The drama is a real thriller and will leave you wanting to discover more about the dark organisation.



Pros- Good plot and thriller elements keep you waiting for more.

Cons- Nakama overacts for most of the part.

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