Monday, September 13, 2010

Jpop review- Maaya Sakamoto- Easy listening

Easy listening is the first mini album released by Maaya Sakamoto. It delivers what the title promises- a collection of soothing, easy listening songs.

Inori- Inori means prayer. The songs is like Yubiwa with strings. Maaya's vocals are airy, merging with the atmosphere of the song. The chorus sounds mysterious. There are a lot of background vocals and some ripple effect in the song.

Blind summer fish- The title is bizarre. The song has some african beats and is again, easy listening. Probably one of the average tracks on this album.

Doreddo 39- Another strange title. Starts with some guitar and sounds like a spanish song. Maaya's vocals don't suit this song particularly well and this song cannot be classified as easy listening.

Afternoon repose- This song is sung completely in english. Her engrish doesn't surface very much because the song is airy and ethreal much like inori and vector. She doesn't sing too many words either. Conveys the mood of a silent afternoon with gentle summer breeze blowing on the listeners face.

Bitter sweet- Bitter sweet starts with some strong beats. It carries on much like any other easy listening song on this album. It includes some back vocals that are prominent. The chorus is weak and excessively airy.

Another grey day in the big blue world- The eccentric titles keep getting worse. This is maybe a title to symbolise lonliness and sadness through words such as grey and blue both of which are associated with lonliness. There is some piano twinkling in the background. Another weak chorus. The chorus is disconnected with rest of the song.

Birds- This is a typical easy listening song- something which Maaya does best. There is a climax exploding in the chorus. The chorus is strong unlike most songs on this album. A mix of easy listening and rock.

Overall, one of the Maaya albums I prefer to skip. Her mini albums are not very good. She does better at full length albums. Nice cover though.

Overall- 3.8/5


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