Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jpop review- Maaya Sakamoto- 30 minutes night flight

Maaya Sakamoto's second mini album. Fits mostly into the easy listening genre.

30 minutes night flight- The first track is uptempo and seems to be a fitting song for the beginning of a great journey. It pumps on feelings of excitement and anticipation. Maaya's vocals are decent.

Dreaming- Something you would hear on a rainy day while looking out at the rain. It is mid tempo. The song doesn't shine very much.

Kioku there's no end- This is a little mysterious and sounds deep. It is another easy listening track with african beats. The chorus is good for an easy listening song.

Bokutachi wa koi wo suru riyuu- Sounds like Kioku there's no end. Something you would hear someone is a sunny countryside hum. The piano adds a nice touch.

Setsuna- Unusually uptempo for the painful title. A pretty average song.

Universe- This is a ballad which winds up the album beautifully. The song's PV gives you the feeling that the song has a deeper meaning. Brings out the feelings of lonliness and self discovery powerfully. The chorus is strong as with most Maaya songs.

Overall, a pleasant easy listening album. Not the best release from Maaya but as good as her previous mini album. Her vocals sound a little plain in some songs. Mnay songs were average in this tiny album of only six songs. A great album for a Maaya fan but for a new listener, I would not suggest this. Try her Nikopachi or Everywhere best.

Overall- 4.3/5

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