Sunday, August 8, 2010

Drama review- Majo no jouken

Majo no jouken is a famous Japanese drama about a high school teacher Michi who falls in love with her own student. Because of the conservative nature of society, their love is not accepted by anyone. Throughout the dreama, they have to overcome many obstacles.

The drama begins with showing the life of Michi, who is an ordinary Japanese school teacher. Her father is a very strict man who is a principal. The very first day, she meets Kurosawa Hikaru- a seventeen year old buy who is also her student. She slowly begins to fall in love with him.

Hikaru's mother, however, catches the signs of love early and tries to distance her from Hikaru. Hikaru is the heir to a hospital which was started by his father and his mother wants him to take it over. She is extremely possessive and doesn't want Michi 'stealing' away her son from her.

However, even she isn't able to stop her son from falling in love with Michi and soon their love blooms into something serious. When others begin to hear rumours about Michi's love, the school management forces her to resign. Her father submits a resignation for her but at the school-leaving speech, she decides not to leave school and publicly announces that she loves Hikaru. This sparks a large-scale controversy and Michi is scolded at home by her parents and looked down at by society. Hikaru also faces very bad treatment in school, but despite it all they keep on going.

Throughout the series, they come across many obstacles and run away together but are found. Michi is arrested by teh police because Hikaru's mother has accused her of kidnapping. Michi also discovers that she is pregnant with Hikaru's child. She leaves her parents' house and lives on her own to support the child. Due to overwork, she has a threat of miscarriage and many other events follow this.

Overall, the story started out very well and I had tears in my eyes in every episode. Their romance is very realistic and the obstacles are realistic too. Their love is able to grow and both of them develop as people during the series. The ending however, completely changed my opinion of the story. It is so ambigious that it was impossible to understand. The fatalistic turn of events towards the end completely ruined the whole drama. Why did the ending have to be so sad? I coouldn;t understand. After so many struggles, it was only fair that they have a happy ending.

Don't watch this drama until you are prepared for heart-wrenching tragedy.


Great start
Heart breaking and realistic romance

Ending ruined it all

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