Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anime review- School rumble season 1

School rumble is a high-school romance/comedy anime based on a manga of the same name by Jin Kobayashi. It tells about the comedic daily life of Tenma Tsukamoto- an eccentric high school girl with a major crush on the smartest guy in school- Karasuma. However, Hariyama Kenji- the biggest delinquent has an incurable crush on Tenma who just doesn't seem to notice it. Their misunderstanding about each other and the failures they have to endure to reach their true love make this anime highly entertaining.

I didn't actually LAUGH at anything, but I was amused. The anime is lighthearted and good for removing stress. The characters (main and side) are lovable and original. Tenma's friends and sister are good but Harima's landlord or somthing (I was unable to ascertain how she was related to him) has a really interesting personality. Incidentally, her face and apppearence seem to resemble that of Rina Toin in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (That's a great anime too, in case you want to watch it).

The above picture is Mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch.

The one thing I found slightly annoying was how Tenma didn't seem to notice Harima's feelings at all in the beginning. The most annoying part of the story was undoubtedly Karasuma's character (he is plain weird. How diid Tenma like a guy like him?)

School rumble is a good anime to watch to revive spirits and have a good time.

Story-4 (The anime didn't have much of a story, though)
Voice-acting- 4 (Tenma's voice was so cute and Mikoto's voice was really great too)
Direction- 4

Interesting characters
Great humour
Lighthearted and amusing
All the voice-actors did a great job

Tenma didn't notice Harima's feelings
Some episodes are a drag

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