Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald is was released a while back but I am reviewing it now since I didn't get the time to review it before.

Pokemon Emerald is the game for the Honnen region. The honnen starters are very good, some evolving into very unique double-types (liek Swampert and Blaziken). Even though Sceptile is not dual-type, it is as good, if not better than the other starters. The best thing about the starters is that they are all equally good. I have played with all three and found them all exceptional. That could make the choice difficult but at the same time, any choice will be the right choice. Unlike Firered, where Squirtle was purely defensive, all the Honnen starters have good offensive power.

The graphics of the game are at par with all other pokemon games and pretty pleasent to watch. The battles are numerous and challenging. The gym leaders and pretty strong and might require a few tries to win over. The elite four has really unique types (like dark and ghost).

But the BEST thing about Emerald is the addition of the battle frontier which spiced up the gameplay significantly. All the frontier brains are strong. Sometimes too strong. Yet, the addition of battle frontier makes emerald offer a longer and more addictive gameplay.

Emerald is really the best game in the pokemon franchise. Even though the subsequent games also included battle frontier, Emerald's frontier was the best.

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