Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hitomi Shimatani- Osaka no Onna

Hitomi Shimatani is a relatively popular avex act on the j-pop scene. She gained popularity with her single Amaiiro Kami no otome and album Best. Osaka no Onna is her first single.

1. Osaka no Onna- Means Woman from Osaka. It is an enka song and starts off with electric guitar like all enka songs. It sounds depressing from the start.Hitomi's voice comes in after that. It is a very sweet. However, it is a complete mismatch for a sad and enkaish song like Osaka no onna. Enka singrs usually have deep, sad-sounding voices or like Sayuri Ishikawa even if their voice is high pitched they sound mature. Hitomi does sound mature but her voice lacks the emotion to carry off an enka song. It sounds too 'thin' at some points. But the song's composition is really good.

2. Kaze no Machi- This is also an enka song but it is sounds more uplifting than Osaka no onna. It has some bell like instruments in the background. But its songwriting is nothing spectacular and it fails to sound catchy.

Overall, it sounds okay but Hitomi's voice is not for enka. It's a good thing that she shifted to pop.

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