Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enka song reviews

These are reviews of random enka songs. Some of them can be found on Akina Nakamori's Enka. The songs are very old and some albums which contain these songs are unavailable. Most of these songs are from different periods and by different artists.

I just wanted to review these songs because I find enka songs very beautiful and melodic. These are some of the better songs that I have heard.

1. Mugonzaka by Kaori Kouzai- Mugonzaka means Silent Hill. The song is very poetic and the tune flows very smoothly as if an uninterruupted breeze were blowing. I get the feeling that I am standing on a dark hill when I listen to this song. It's arrangement is nice. Kaori Kouzai's voice carries off this song very nicely. Akina has covered this song in her ENKA album but her voice sounds weak. A breathtaking song which will definately make you change your opinion of enka if you don't like enka.

2. Amagigoe by Sayuri Ishikawa- It starts off with tradional sounding Japanese instruments. Then Sayuri's emotional voice comes in and the rest of the song just passes before you know it is over. Sayurii Ishikawa is one of the most prominent singers of enka and she truly deserves it because her voice is one of the best. Her high notes are perfect and when she sings about waterfalls, her voice also rises and falls like water. It is her masterpiece song. It was the theme for a movie of the same name. Amagigoe means Crossing Amagi (Amagi is a mountain)

3.Kawa no nagare noyouni- This is a song by Japanese songstress Hibari Misora who is to date, considered the best singer of Japan. In a recent poll by oricon in 2010, Hibari topped the list of best musicians ever, above Hamasaki, who was in ninth position. Hibari is long dead, but her voice and songs continue to live in the heart of Japanese people. Her voice is one-of-a-kind deep and emotional voice that no singer can ever match. This song is a beautiful work of art by her and worth a listen. Her other songs are very nice too.

4.Yume wa Yoru Hiraku by Keiko Fuji- Keiko Fuji is Utada Hikaru's mother (that's right THE Utada Hikaru). She was a reasonable popular enka singer in her times. This was one of her most popular songs. It means My dreams bloom at night. The song's lyrics describe a mature woman who goes over her past. The song might not be liked by those not used to enka. It's lyrics are dark and the song is repetitive but it is good.

5.Koibito Yo by Mayumi Itsuwa- Koibito Yo means 'beloved'. It was composed by Mayumi Itsuwa herself. A wonderful song worth a listen. Ai Takahashi of Hello project covered it on Uta Doki pop classics. Her version is pretty good too. This song has also been covered by Hibari Misora.

I really like enka music. i am palnning to make a part 2 of Enka song reviews.....and maybe a part 3 too. Enka music is not outdated and oldish as many people consider it. It is just like any modern ballad but with Japanese instruments.

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